Introduction to GCP Goblet

goblet with a red sunset background
goblet with a red sunset background

Goblet is an easy-to-use framework that enables developers to quickly spin up fully featured REST APIs with python on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Rather than having to cope with configuring and deploying cloud resources, developers can have their stack up and serving requests with just a few simple commands as demonstrated with the example in this blog. Before diving into the example, I will give a quick overview of serverless and the serverless ecosystem in GCP, but feel free to skip if you are already familiar with those topics.

What is Serverless

Serverless is a powerful new paradigm brought on by cloud computing…

Use Cloud Custodian’s new metric filters to clean up your Google Cloud environment while minimizing any potential impacts.

By Austen Novis, Software Engineer

Photo by Jessica Tan on Unsplash

It is every engineer’s goal to have a clean cloud environment that has no rogue infrastructure and adheres to least privilege permissions while having strict accountability for every cloud resource.

However, in practice this is rarely the case, especially for fast moving startups that accumulate tech debt as they grow and innovate. As the cloud environment becomes larger and moves away from its ideal state, security risks increase as vulnerable pieces of infrastructure may lay dormant such as overprivileged security accounts and open firewalls, not to mention wasted costs for extraneous resources.

It is therefore…

By Austen Novis, Software Engineer

Photo by Cederic Vandenberghe on Unsplash

Security Command Center (SCC) is a centralized security and risk management service in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It allows you to view security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations of your cloud assets in one place. Additionally, SCC will automatically perform scans on your cloud resources and provide immediate insights and recommendations on your cloud assets.

However, your organization might have other security findings that are unrelated to GCP such as findings from endpoint protection software, and you would want to have those findings to also be centralized and viewable in Security Command Center

A nice feature of…

By Austen Novis, Software Engineer

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has a collection of specially reserved CIDR ranges that allow your instances to connect to GCP services such as load balancers health checks and Identity Aware Proxy (IAP). These CIDR ranges are often hard to find and usually require digging through pages of GCP documentation or even reading through complete tutorials.

No longer! We have done all of the hard work for you and compiled a reference of all the important GCP CIDR ranges. …

How medicine can help explain the technical side of state and state management

By Austen Novis, Software Engineer

Chances are, if you are writing software, you will need to figure out state and state management. Even though these terms can be found everywhere in software development, their meanings can change depending on the domain, the developer, and the use case.

In my experience alone, I realized my understanding of state has evolved dramatically over the years from my beginnings in backend infrastructure through my stint in mobile development to my current role in cloud engineering. …

Working for Chrome versions above 89 on desktop and mobile

Reader Mode is a lesser known new feature in chrome that allows you to view some pages in a simpler view that has items such as ads and extra buttons removed. I have found it tricky to figure out how to actually enable and use this new reader mode in the latest chrome versions, so I thought I would put together a quick tutorial with screenshots on how to enable reader mode for both desktop and mobile.


All you need to do to enable reader mode is to open a new tab in chrome and go to chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode. Enable Reader…

Tips on studying for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam

center of a rock formation
center of a rock formation

Welcome fellow explorer! I am here to guide you through the center of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam and pass along my knowledge as someone who recently went through the exam process and passed. The journey will begin as all journeys do, with a preparatory talk during which I will briefly explain what the CKA exam is, why it is useful, and who should take it ( hint: anyone interested in Kubernetes). Next, I will help you prepare the right provisions you will require on your journey by going over what resources you will need ( hint: you do…

Redefining the Relationship Between Applications and Cloud Infrastructure

Most cloud engineers are familiar with the paradigm of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which provides the ability to model and deploy your cloud infrastructure via code, or code-generated configuration files. IaC drastically reduces the reliance on manual processes such as creating separate configurations for multiple environments, helps minimize misconfiguration mistakes through automated testing and version control, and can significantly speed up deployment times through CI/CD pipelines.

Implementing IaC at scale still requires significant investment, and many companies have teams dedicated to the management and deployment of their cloud infrastructure. This can cause friction between the infrastructure and application teams since…

How switching the .com to another country domain can save money

It is pretty common knowledge that companies use cookies and your search history to determine your browsing patterns and raise flight prices accordingly. Many people now buy their tickets using incognito mode or starting fresh on a new device after they find the flight that works for them. These are good steps, but there is an additional little trick when buying flights that can save quite a lot on the exact save itinerary by simply changing the county code top-level domain in the browser. For example, instead of searching…

On the path to no ops

Consistent patching of a machine’s operating system is an extremely important process to protect against the latest security vulnerabilities and bugs. In many large organizations such as Capital One each series of patches are applied as new machine images. All that is required to update an application is to destroy the old machines and recreate the application using machines based off of the new image. This is simple in a stateless system since the machines can simply be deleted and re-created with the latest patch without any problems. However, if you have a database or if you have any information…

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